ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA 2022 Visitor Terms and Conditions

ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA 2022 will take place from Wednesday to Friday, 2 to 4 November 2022, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Bangkok Thailand and is organised by Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited.

1. Registration Fee Structure:
Online Registration before 28 October 2022
Industry visitors:
Day Ticket pass: USD 40
Permanent pass (3 days): USD 60

Registration Onsite (2-4 November,2022)
1 Day Pass: USD 60
3 Day Pass: USD 100

The participation in ASIAFRUIT CONGRESS & Asiafruit Business Forum on the show floor and AFL Virtual Platform are included for all attendees.

Printing your badge
When printing your e-badge, please make sure that codes included can be read properly. If the codes are not printed clearly, you may have difficulty using your badge at the entrance control. If this occurs, please go to the Visitor Registration desks and ask for a duplicate print-out.

Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited will not be held responsible for any errors that affect your personal information due to communication anomalies that may not attributed to Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited.

Admission policy
The exhibition is open to trade and business visitors only. For security and safety reasons, the general public and minors below the age of 18 will not be allowed admission. Only business attire is allowed in the exhibition hall. Bermudas, shorts, sport sandals, slippers, flip-flops, etc. are prohibited. The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry without specifying reasons. The ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable in all cases.

The Ticketshop of ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA 2022 uses the service of Info Salons Technology Services (HK) Limited for the payments of all tickets to the event. You agree to Info Salons Terms and Privacy Policy

2. Cancellations:
Cancellation requests must be made in writing to Registrants are responsible for the cost of admission to ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA regardless of cancellation or failure to attend.

The ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable in all cases. Cancellation costs for travel and hotel reservations are responsibility of the registered attendee.

ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA reserves the right to cancel your registration without notice if payment is not received or if required registration details are not complete. ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from any cancellation. All payments must be submitted to gain access to ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA.

3. Reservations (Cancellation, postponement, shortening and termination of the event due to a justified exceptional situation)

3.1. In the event of a justified exceptional situation (as defined in 3.2), which makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult to hold the event within the planned spatial and/or temporal scope, Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited shall be entitled, at its discretion and taking into account the interests of the participant in holding the event (and, in the event of a change to or deviation from the agreed service, also taking into account the reasonableness of such a change or deviation for the participant), to choose whether to hold the event,

3.1.1. to cancel the event (“Cancellation”) or 3.1.2. to postpone the event to another period (“Postponement”) or 3.1.3. to shorten the event period (“Shortening”) or 3.1.4. to terminate the event (“Termination”) if the event had already started when such a situation arises.

3.2. A "justified exceptional situation" within the meaning of 3.1 is the existence of force majeure or another comparable event.

3.2.1. “Force Majeure” is an event with external influence, unforeseeable at the time of the conclusion of the exhibition contract, has no operational or personal connection or cannot be attributed to the sphere of one of the contractual parties and cannot be averted even by exercising the utmost care that can reasonably be expected. This includes in particular but not exhaustively, the events listed below as examples: Natural disasters and their consequences, war, terrorist attacks, pandemics, endemics, the interruption or massive impairment of transport, supply or telecommunications connections.

3.2.2. “Other comparable events” in accordance with 1.2 shall also be deemed to include unforeseeable lawful strikes and lawful lockouts as well as other interruptions or disruptions of operations for which the contractual parties are not responsible.

3.2.3. An event is considered to be "unforeseeable" within the meaning of the aforementioned 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 if, at the time of conclusion of the contract, it could not be assumed, after reasonable assessment of actual indications and with regard to the time of the event, with sufficient probability, that a case of force majeure or “other comparable event” was imminent.

3.3. Furthermore, a justified exceptional situation as per 3.2 shall also be deemed to exist if, at the time of the measure taken in accordance with 3.1, it can be assumed with sufficient probability based on a reasonable assessment of actually existing indications that a case of Force Majeure or “other comparable event” within the meaning of 3.2 is imminent at the time of the event. This is also the case, for example, if a justified exceptional situation existed at an earlier point in time and has been remedied in the meantime, but a new justified exceptional situation is to be expected at the time of the event (e.g. a further wave of infection from the COVID-19 pandemic).

3.4. The following is applicable in cases of cancellation of the event by Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited as per 3.1.1 ”Cancellation”, 3.1.2 "Postponement" and 3.1.3 "Shortening":

3.4.1. Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited shall be obliged to inform the participants immediately of the cancellation, postponement and shortening.

3.4.2. Claims for damages by the participant due to the cancellation, postponement or shortening of the event shall be excluded because Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited is not at fault.

3.5. The following is applicable in cases of termination of the event as per 3.1.4:

3.5.1. Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited shall be obliged to provide the participant with a statement regarding the termination.

3.5.2. Claims for damages by the participant shall be excluded because Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited is not at fault.

4. Disclosure
By accepting the above terms and conditions, you agree to Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited and its partners commissioned communicating with you by phone and e-mail. Your personal information can be used for internal processing, promotion on ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA Virtual Platform and for disclosure to third parties such as AFL Congress partner; Fruitnet Media International, exhibitors and transport providers in connection with your ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA attendance as our visitor. More service providers may be added as and when the service offering changes or expanded.

In addition, we may use your details to invite you to other events organized by Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited or to offer you other relevant products and services supplied by Global Produce Events (HK) Co., Limited or third parties.

5. Governing Law & Jurisdiction
Supplements and amendments to the agreement on Visitor Registration of ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA 2022 are not valid unless made in writing.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and will be construed according to the law of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The venue for all disputes in connection with the Terms and Conditions is Hong Kong SAR, China.